I have known Sandra since 1999 when she attended the Intelligent Horsemanship courses as a student. I must have marked her out as ‘special’ from the start as I remember when Countryfile wanted to film me working with a young pony, I chose Sandra to be the rider. We had a great response to the programme. Within a year of Sandra completing the Intelligent Horsemanship courses and the necessary fieldwork with positive feedback afterwards in order to become an Intelligent Recommended Trainer, I asked Sandra to do some teaching on the courses and she soon worked up to being one of the leading tutors as well as our main course organiser.

Sandra sets an example to us all, not only being excellent with the horses and humans but also extremely responsible with regards to health and safety, risk assessments and ensuring things run smoothly, I put her attention to detail down to her having previously trained as a chef, which may or may not be correct! Whatever, I am very grateful that she is a major part of Intelligent Horsemanship and one of my closest friends – Kelly Marks Founder of Intelligent Horsemanship LTD

I wanted to take the time to contact and let you know how much You and IH has meant to me and to cementing the relationship I have with my horse and also my daughter. 

I took on a rescue horse from a charity in May 2019 who seemed such a wonderful and calm boy and I just wanted to offer him the best home possible after all he had been through. We started well together and then I realised he was not as calm and as brave as he always made out and was in fact quite unsure about life. He hadn’t got out much previously and so new things on hacks and hacking alone was all quite daunting for him. He also has issues with his pelvis and hind legs due to his poor start in life and this led to issues with the farrier which led to me having to have him sedated for a period of time whilst he was shod. 

I saw that You were running horse agility sessions near me and decided to go along and it was one of the best things I have ever done. The IH practices with the horse agility has been a real game changer and had a huge impact on us. You came and did sessions with me and my boy to help with the issues with the farrier and also clipping. We learnt from You the 7 exercises to practise regularly and from this mine and my horses relationship has blossomed. He seems to trust me implicitly on the ground now and looks to me for reassurance. He is no longer sedated for the farrier and I regularly practise getting him to put his feet up on the farrier stand and he will now happily accept this. Clipping of his legs has become easier and we manage without sedation. He will also load in the trailer now far more confidently. We continue to practise IH and our horse agility weekly and it makes a huge difference and is something we thoroughly enjoy together. This will continue and I am hoping to keep progressing this more into our ridden work as he still needs confidence on the ridden side. People often comment that my boy is a real mummy’s boy but it is because we have such a good relationship now due to You and IH. 

This has become even more special now that my 6 year old daughter practises with me with her loan pony and she has been doing some of Your horse agility sessions both In hand and ridden too. I cannot express what joy this brings me and her and it is something we now share together as a passion (as you can see from the photos). In fact it is sometimes a whole family affair and my husband will get involved too holding props etc for us. You and IH have brought her and her loan pony close together and also her and I even closer. I will be forever grateful for finding You Sandra, horse agility sessions and therefore IH and I look forward to receiving each IH magazine to gain further knowledge. 

I am looking forward to the future withYou and IH, my boy and my daughter and the hope of further sessions with You and I would absolutely love to do a join up session with my boy one day. I will also save up and plan to do some of the courses and hopefully maybe meet Kelly one day too. 

Many many thanks, Kelly Gordon