Sandra is passionate about improving the lives of horses and humans, working with non violent techniques she has a thorough understanding of Equine Psychology alongside many years of practical experience across the Equine Industry.

With an empathetic ear she listens to both you and your horse. Communicating direction and guidance visually as well as verbally. Whether you are a lover of horses as an owner, trainer, rider or competitor Sandra is able to guide and coach you both.

Having owned and worked with a diverse mix of Equines and Humans for many, many years she will certainly offer you her best.

Sandra divides her time between visiting clients, teaching on the Intelligent Horsemanship Courses including The 5 Day Foundation, Leading & Loading the less easy Horse, Handling the Untouched Horse, 2 Day Perfect Manners and the Online Horse Psychology alongside Kelly Marks, supporting the next generation of IH Students and regularly writing articles to help you and your horse. Her latest and very exciting accomplishment is the release of her first book. Loading the less easy Horse

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