LOADING THE LESS EASY HORSE – A Book for all Equestrians

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I wanted to share lifelong experiences with you, to help develop partnerships by improving awareness and safety around this subject. I have been loading and travelling equines since I was Seven years of age.

Extract from Foreword by Kelly Marks. Sandra Williams is the perfect person to have written the book on this subject and to carry the baton forward, going from Monty Roberts in the 1990’s and then Intelligent Horsemanship and beyond.

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5 reviews for LOADING THE LESS EASY HORSE – A Book for all Equestrians

  1. admin

    Sandra, I have just finished reading your book from start to finish. It’s brilliant!! A must have for any person wanting to load with confidence for both horse and owner and be successful! All your Top Tips and examples cover every aspect and is easy to understand with the help of pictures. Techniques practiced to achieve the best result and the importance of maintaining your vehicle of transport. It’s going to be very helpful for a lot of people and I’m sure it will be a great success! I feel honoured that you have included us in your book too!! A lot of hard work Well done!! 🤩🙌 Jenny

  2. admin

    Hi Sandra, arrived yesterday! Brilliant book on Loading and general handling, highly recommend it. Easy to read, clear instruction; very informative. Nigel

  3. admin

    Thank you. I’ve already started reading it. Some useful extra exercises too. I incorporated the front leg cross over into my 15 mth olds morning groundwork exercises. He got it straight away. He’s a clever clogs. My hubby has also ordered the ear poms to try on my stressy traveller phineas. It’s a fabulous book. Happy Christmas to you also ☃️🎅🎄K.N

  4. Sue Palmer (verified owner)

    Fantastic book by my friend Sandra Williams, with foreword by Kelly Marks and Intelligent Horsemanship. If you have problems loading your horse, this book is a must have! Sue aka The Horse Physio

  5. admin

    For you people, like me, with a library of horse books from training to anatomy and everything in between, here is a book you must have!!!!!

    We all know a horse that doesn’t load and hear all about the different ways to remedy it. But look no further, here is a book that goes through everything! This book goes into why your horse may not load, the maintenance of your trailer/horse box, exercises to do with your horse, working through specific problems, case studies and much more.

    I have loved reading this book and have appreciated how easy it is to read and understand the exercises. My favourite parts are the case studies as they help to put the techniques into a real-life example, especially as no horse is the same. I also love the Top Tips that are throughout the book, also the pictures are great… let’s just say there is a lot I love about it!!

    I really do recommend this book because I have had the great pleasure to watch Sandra work with horses and I am so thrilled that I now have a piece of her knowledge and expertise on my shelf. Emma Sharman Vet Physio and IH Trainer

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